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Dark Play Real lesbians who want to share their dark playing with the world. They explore every aspect of BDSM and the wide world of fetishes.
my fetish diary My Fetish Diary is filled with beautiful photography, gorgeous girls, perverted themes, kinky fantasies, BDSM, sexy fetish fashions, skin-tight latex, rope bondage, cuffs, living dolls, corsets, leather, Mistresses, slaves, electrical play, medical scenes, Shibari style bondage, high heels, videos, scenes from real play parties, photos taken at fetish events...
sick chick SickChixxx features ultra-slick high quality streaming videos separated into different sections for your enjoyment. You will find clips from my live performances, original erotic horror, bondage, bizarre fantasies, fetish fashion, glamourous burlesque and sensual exotica. We offer AT LEAST one new video each week.
Dangerous femme Domina Betka Schpitz presents the new era of HARD CORE LESBIAN BDSM.  Now's your chance to watch her torture her hot little personal slaves.  Heavy corporal punishment, floggers, single tails, paddles, breath control, bagging, encasement,
complete immobilization, mummification, drowning, and every other devious degredation her fertile mind can dream up.
Anthony Beal a passionate fan of Edgar Allen Poe, Poppy Z. Brite, Lovecraft, Piers Anthony, John Skipp and Craig Spector has created his own site... come read the wonderful works and sense of humor of Anthony Beal
Blood Moon Zine Blood Moon zine is a dark erotic e-zine of sexual horror, fetishes and gothic-erotica. It has been corrupting deviant minds since 1998 with edgy fiction, poetry, art, photography, author profiles, reviews, and subversive articles by the best authors and artists in the genre such as Linda Nightingale, Heather Corrina, Diana Price, Alice Egoyan, Beth Bajema, Christine Kessler, Steve Diet Goedde, and Natasha Epperson. We aim to provide a cyber den of virtual perversion for freaks to savor quality dark erotica in a pansexual environment that promotes sexual fantasies of all persuasions. Hauntingly beautiful, strangely bizarre. What's your obsession?
Bluefood Bluefood is an organic extension of Blue Food, the quarterly, sex-positive journal of artistic carnal expression. Like the print version, it's a site meant to satisfy the cravings of all who are interested in something bold, humorous, enlightening and a little different, regardless of sexual orientation, preference and/or lifestyle choice. Go ahead, eat all you want... we'll make more!
Death and Pleasure Destiny's tales have been labelled by some as being "blasphemous", "immoral" and generally offensive. Others have seen them as "deeply erotic", "sensual" and "wonderfully perverse". Beautiful site worth the trip inward.
hertzanchimera Is the "official" psycho-erotic repository of all things Hertzan Chimera including up-to-date bio details, brain bending fiction, mind blowing art, news and sample chapters on forthcoming novel SZMONHFU and its follow-up UNITED STATES to be published by Eraserhead Press this mid-September 2001 and mid-2002 respectively.
Dark Erotica Literary and Gothic erotic stories by author: Morgan Hawke. Collected links on How to Write Erotica. Arcadia: articles on Magick, Religion and Sex. Witchcraft: My personal views. Learn about Tarot, featuring the Vertigo Tarot with Free Online Tarot Readings. Gothic Fetish XXX movies.
a dark maiden the cyber lair of horror slut duana randerson... dark erotic fiction, horror, gothic, photography, artwork... provocative... edgy... haunting... wickedly sinful... what's your obsession? come unearth the worms that crawl through her brain...


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