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LovePain Blood Moon zine is a dark erotic e-zine of sexual horror, fetishes and gothic-erotica. It is edgy fiction, poetry, art, photography, author profiles, reviews, and subversive articles by the best authors and artists in the genre such as Linda Nightingale, Heather Corrina, Diana Price, Alice Egoyan, Beth Bajema, Christine Kessler, Steve Diet Goedde, and Natasha Epperson.
Shade Beyond Gray Wow what a wonderful site. Great logo. Clean design! and I love the message! (made for, by, and about consenting adult freaks who consider respect, fun and negotiation to be integral to a happy, healthy, sexual experience. )Shades Beyond Gray has been around for 6 years - where was i all this time -
Perv Grrl Complete with bdsm and genderqueer erotica, editorials and advice columns, pervgrrl is the place for queerfolk, pervs and genderfuckers!
Girlphoria Girlphoria is a multi-media online magazine geared toward the exploration of female sexuality. Girlphoria provides an open forum, presenting voices and visions from all schools of thought, within which women, and men, can expand their sexual horizons and knowledge in a respectable and positive atmosphere. When it comes to sex, it is assumed that women are simply not interested in such matters or that any exploration of the sexual must, by its nature, be pornographic.
Lady fire Our site features passion for life, sexuality, relationships, romance, spirituality, world diversity, universal love, stellar recipes, world travel, expert advice, women's empowerment, health and so much more...
Daze Reader Daily web log covering sex, technology, culture, news, art, gossip, politics, ideas, drugs, rock & roll ... but mostly sex
Escorts Magazine StreetWalking the World online news zine for online Escorts
Mind Caviar Mind Caviar is a free, quarterly webzine devoted to sensual pleasures: Food, Sex , Literature, Art, for discriminating and intelligent readers. Our focus is on high quality erotica, art, and well-tested, delicious and indulgent recipes. Our columns are dedicated to providing insightful sexual advice and to feature artists involved in the creation of art surrounding fetish, fashion and accoutrement.
Suspect Thoughts

Suspect thoughts goal is to create a journal that celebrates writing and writers whose work is often considered suspect, or subversive.









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