Sididis Dark and Erotic Art Gallery

Sididis lives in Cape Town South Africa, with his understanding wife Cacey and their two demanding cocker spaniels. He has been drawing dark fantasy illustrations and sequential art (Comix) for about 10 years on and off. Sididis prefers literature for inspiration, his favourite authors being, HP Lovecraft,Thomas Liggotti, Tanith Lee, Storm Constantine, Caitlan Kiernan, Poppy Z Brite, Nancy Collins, Laurel K Hamilton, Pat Califia and Christa Faust. His Favourite artists include Sardax, Jean Delville, Bill Sienkowitz, Jaime Hernandez, and Frank Miller. erotic dark goth artwork

"Style-wise I prefer drawing women, preferably dark or gothic themed images. I don't neccesarily start drawing with a specific image in mind but rather start on an area eg. a face or a breast and let chaos theory take over from there. I find these drawings to be more successful than ones I have tried to plan."

You can email Sididis at and look for his work on

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