Zbigniew Reszka Erotic Photo Gallery

Zbigniew Reszka is a member of Union Of Polish Art Photographers. Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. Supports his artistic endeavors with commercial photography produced through his Warsaw studio. Reszka works for most well known polish fashion magazines and advertising agencies. Exhibits his art work all over the world. His photographs are in private collections in USA, Germany, France, Finland, England, Switzerland, Holland and Japan. He was a member of very importand artistic groups in Poland such as "Zwyczajna 44"(1983) and "Klub 6x6"(1984). Last exhibitions were in Polish Cultural Center in Paris and Polish Cultural Center in Rome (collective). Now presents his works at individual exhibition in "OKO gallery" in Krakow (month of photography)

More on: http://www.fotopolis.pl And http://www.fotopolis.pl/index.php?gora=8&lewa=2&e-552

Zbigniew Reszka web site: http://spirala.net also: http://www.fotopolis.pl/index.php?gora=7&lewa=3 also: http://photo.box.sk/autor.php3?id=1517 also: http://www.republik-cret.com/reszka-ntb.html also: http://www.zpaf.pl/presentreszka.htm