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Charlotte Sometimes Fetish site with a gothic/dark flair. Includes bdsm, fashion tips, erotic stories and band interviews from bands like Claire Voyant, the Machine in the Garden and Trance to the Sun, fashion reviews and rants.
Dark Play is a site made by a real lesbian couple who want to share their dark playing with the world. Alexi is the handsome butch domme and Zille the cute and slutty femme sub. Together, and often with the aid of their real-life friends and playmates, they explore every aspect of BDSM and the wide world of fetishes. You also get to know them through their writing and in their club. Both Alexi and Zille are artists and this is reflected in the aesthetics of their site - also, when they are not doing a shoot with talented photographers, they both enjoy being behind the camera. There is a free tour and very generous guest section at Darkplay, so if you feel your pornographic needs are not being met, stop by and see if this site is more to your taste.
Gothic Vixens! A little of everything on this free site - pictures of the day, poetry, stories and links to info and other sites.
psycho erotica a website of gothic resources and gothic erotica, where desire, fantasy, and eroticism are born in the dark passages of the mind, rooted in the succulent depths of the soul, and felt by the sensual physical body. This is an arena for the stimulation of all of these. Intelligent text, personal dialogue from our models, and, of course, sensuous photographs of beautiful, exotic strangers carefully mixed with darkness and humor to create a place for thoughtful, imaginative erotica.




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