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Hi I am oceania. As some of you know I am a creative on the web. I have worked hard to associate all I do, audio and text stories, video, and websites to reflect a higher standard of professionalism, quality and beauty.

Unfortunately, and you know it too, so many sites are purposefully made ugly and hard to navigate just so links on those sites can transfer the surfer to some paysite with poorly written stories, point and click photos and more boring videos.

It is because of these ugly sites, I decided to create soulgasm,a list site.

Soulgasm provides the surfer with sites that offer something, challenge the current trend and provided a place of beauty, provide content, amusement and soul.

So how does it work (site submission). if you have a site that is not made from a template, that is a creation of love and great design. If your free site is just not a vehicle with several pictures and banners to paysites, if you value content, design and beauty then Email me here. Note: selections are not based on how much traffic a site gets.

Please keep in mind that just like Yahoo, we hand-index our site. If you are listed I would like the world to know. So please do *not* submit your URL if you do not intend to place a reciprocal link.

This is the banner.

The link is If you are really against banners and have none on your site. I can understand putting up a text link, just let me know.

If you are using banners, please download this one and serve it from your machine. We appreciate your cooperation in this. Thank you.






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